Why Digital Home Design?

When you are ready for field-proven design, installation and after-the-sale service…

Digital Home Design is one of the true pioneers in the home automation, home entertainment, lighting and climate control and security industry with decades of experience. We have installed millions of dollars of high performance, yet easy to use, electronic systems in homes throughout Indiana and out of state for our valued clients.

Our team believes that every home matters. We begin with a personal visit to assess your needs in order to tailor each system for your unique situation, family, home, needs and goals. We will design an optimal comprehensive solution that meets not only your budget, but exceeds your expectations as well.

Why Digital Home Design?

With our wide selection of offerings, you can control with ease, and be connected to, what matters to you most.

Technology should simplify your life

It should protect you, entertain you, keep you comfortable and accommodate your lifestyle. You want a practical, easy to use system, with seamless integration of your whole house; the audio and video, the home theater, lighting, security, climate, communications, internet and more!

Today’s world is constantly creating richer, ever more expansive information and entertainment choices. But which ones are right for your family? How do you integrate all the different electronic equipment and systems throughout your home and make them work for you?

It helps if you have a Home Technology Partner you can Trust

We can let you see where the state of our industry actually is, and let you know if something is not ready for ‘prime time’. Our twenty plus years of experience in this field can prevent possible pitfalls of being an early adopter, a.k.a. guinea pig. We’ve saved clients money and aggravation by advising them when something is more than ‘slightly ahead of it’s time’.

Your Entertainment Connection!