• Whole House Music Systems
  • Unobtrusive in the environment, elegant to use, and the sound is fabulous.

    Imagine having great music where ever you want it in your home!

    With a Digital Home Design multi-room audio system, you can. Explore basic options using the familiar volume control knobs, to advanced remote controls or even use your Apple iPad to stream your iTunes music, CDs, local AM/FM, or internet sources such as Pandora, Spotify, Rhapsody, or radio stations from anyplace on the planet. Add the additional benefit of being able to listen to cable or satellite stations, even in places where there aren’t TVs!

    Imagine having great music where ever you want it in your home!

    Choose what you want to hear, where you want to hear it, in the order that you want to hear it. Experience control that is simple and complete. From anywhere in your house, we will give you the ability to choose local radio stations, Sirius satellite radio, stream your iTunes library or play your iPhone/iPad, or standard CDs. No longer will there be conflicts over music choices. Every member of your family can select what they want to play, where they want to play it.

    With Digital Home Design’s systems, parties become more entertaining and everyday life more enjoyable. Multi-room home music systems should be a part of every new and existing home. If you are building your new dream home, we will review all the exciting options with you and design a system that fits your family to a ‘T’.  For existing homes, our skilled technicians can retrofit and conceal required wiring or make use of reliable wireless technologies to get the music where you want it. Typically, we will locate the audio equipment in a single, common location, like the mechanical room, an available closet, or entertainment cabinet. Speakers are located in the desired rooms and placed inconspicuously in the ceiling or walls, or you can choose bookshelf or floor standing models. Music is a button press away, using remote controls, wall mounted keypads, or even your smart phone, iPad or Android tablet!

    Hear All the Music on Earth

    Play your iTunes library. Discover more music. Get thousands of free Internet radio stations.
    There’s no question that music has made a digital transformation. While we still use the little silver CD’s and even, vinyl records, Digital Home Design gives you the freedom to join the digital revolution, without the compromises of losing your cover art and audio quality. Imagine having all of your family’s digital audio content on one easily navigated library, while simultaneously offering an entire world of musical variety with streaming Internet services. You can remotely browse and play back content from Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn, SiriusXM Internet Radio and all your own media. Use your iPad to browse music, recorded TV, videos, photos and movies, and queue up your selections from anywhere in the house. Elect even more choices with enhanced capabilities like using the CLOUD for sync and backup that can secure your investment and enable you to have your music library available anywhere in the world on any number of different devices.
    We feature Digital Music Systems from AMX, Sonos, Autonomic Controls, URC, S1 Digital and Nuvo Technologies.

    Speaker Systems

    Because, speakers are what let you hear and enjoy all the soul of the music and power of the cinema, you want speakers that will do the music justice and make your home theater come alive. Digital Home Design features the best selection of high performance speakers, including the industry-best designer of high quality speakers, Paradigm. For over twenty-five years, Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category. While remaining focused on what we consider the “absolutely essential” performance/value relationship, they continue to push the boundaries of speaker design. Breathtaking accuracy, a spacious soundstage, pinpoint localization, deep, powerful bass and thrilling dynamics are hallmarks of Paradigm’s advanced speaker designs.

    Bass is what gives music its depth and drive and brings heart throbbing excitement to the movies. Where possible, it is best to use a separate loudspeaker specifically designed for handling low frequencies at high power levels. Subwoofers are dedicated to the reproduction of bass frequencies, typically from the very lowest rumble to the pop of a snare drum. They come in all manner of shapes and sizes and can even be placed in walls, floors or ceilings or hidden in cabinets or closets. Your design specialist at Digital Home Design will help you select a solution right for your home.

    In-Wall and Ceiling Speakers
    Often referred to as architectural speakers — designs hidden out of sight in a wall or ceiling— are the number one choice of our clients. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are a great solution for people who want great sound but don’t want to give up their floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Again, Paradigm is leading the way in this area. When it comes to in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, there is no substitute for good design build on years of experience producing the very best sounding freestanding designs. More than 25 years of intensive research and design backed by cutting-edge technology, much of it proprietary, lie behind every custom speaker they produce. The result? Sound reproduction that rivals that of the very best freestanding designs. Almost all in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have paintable grilles, so you can camouflage them in your walls or ceiling.

    Floor-Standing Speakers
    Floor-standing speakers are what most people think of when they think of the traditional HiFi Speaker. They been around for years and in many ways remain the standard against which all other speaker types are judged. In general, they are larger than other types of speakers, and reproduce the full range of music, including deep bass. Floor-standing speakers come in a variety of shapes colors, finishes and price ranges. They can offer anything from a great sound on a budget to the most exotic and most expensive audio experience in the world. They are great for home theaters, media rooms, large rooms and for serious hi-fidelity listening.

    Bookshelf Speakers
    Bookshelf speakers are not only for those shelves next to the fireplace or in the library, but for anywhere high quality sound is desired. They can offer exceptional sound in a small package. Typically they will be paired with a sub woofer in what is known as satellite/sub configuration.